Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size eggs work best?
A. Extra Large Eggs

Q. Can I eat the egg?
A. Our statement “do not eat decorated eggs” is based on the handling or miss handling of eggs. Our Eggspert legal team says “We are not providing the consumer with eggs and cannot be responsible for any sickness due to mishandling of eggs”. Please check out the USDA website for handling tips. Our markers are non-toxic and ASTM D4236 tested (lead-free). “I personally have eaten plenty of decorated eggs. In Texas, we hunt Easter eggs all day long in the hot sun. I wouldn’t recommend anyone eating an egg in that situation.” The Eggmazing was invented to help make decorating eggs fun without the mess. Hoppy decorating!!!

Q. Are the markers included?
A.Yes, The Eggmazing kit includes8 colorful non-toxic markers.

Q. Do egg come with The Eggmazing?
A. No, we are not allowed to put a laying hen in the package.

Q. Are batteries included?
A. Batteries not included

Q. How long do the markers last?
A. Putting marker lids on securely will extend lifespan usage. “We decorate over 300 eggs at toy shows with the same marker package.”

Q. What type of marker comes with the kit?
A. Our markers are quick drying non-toxic markers.ATSM D4236 (lead-free)

Q. Can you use any marker?
A. Quick drying non-toxic markers work best(permanent marker). Water-based markers do not dry quickly and results might be unsatisfactory.

Q. How long do the batteries last?
A. Depending on battery brand used. “We use the same batteries during 4 day toy show demonstrations. Over 40 hours of use.”

Q. Besides your website, where else can I purchase The EggmazingEgg Decorator?
A. Please call your local Store. “We support our Mom & Pop Shops”

Q. Which came first, the chicken or The Eggmazing?
A. I think the chicken wins by a hare!

Q. How many egg puns do we know?
A. More than A dozen.